TD/gap closed loop auto tuning option (increased HP and fuel economy)

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Super easy install (plug and play) nothing to configure unless you want the advanced version with adjustments available (only for TD flasher and Copitrail users) 


This new technology by GAP innovation for the Turbo Dynamics ECU reflash will revolutionize the snowmobile world.

Called Closed Loop auto tuning

Note *** you will need a td wideband o2 module for this to work ***

This has been the most significant advance since we came out with the knock light in 2009-2010 On the Z1 turbo snowmobile, and since GAP has come out with their Bluetooth diagnostic and flasher devices (TD flasher and Copitrail)


This new technology is called “closed loop auto tuning” It has been used in high end cars and performance cars for many years now.

But snowmobiles have always run on older technology years behind the automotive industry.

For simple reasons, Fuel economy, emissions are not as stringent.

Now this technology is used even more efficiently than in most cars. And is fully customizable by the tuner

The short… this tech will give a large boost in power in many conditions and provide stellar (never seen before) fuel economy on sleds.

Also it will make the sled extremely consistent performance wise.

Racers and Trail riders and high altitude riders will love it. We have seen gains of over 10HP on some tunes with improved response.

Up to 18% better fuel economy observed in testing

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