TD Max pump 17 psi ECU reflash 285HP high performance trail/lake racer package Arctic Cat ZR9000 2017 to 2020

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TD Max pump 17 psi ECU reflash 285HP for those who have access to high quality pump gas (93 octane, or 91 + torco. or 91 + 1 gal race fuel)

This map is the choice of the high performance trail guy who likes to race on the lakes.

Huge top end numbers we have ran 145 MPH on a trail setup with that map on the lake (ice) and 150MPH with a speed track.

Impressive acceleration this map has been raced in circuits with great success.


For high mileage trail sleds TD Powertrail is the best choice vs Max because of how tolerant it is to bad fuel.

TD max pump is for high quality pump gas only and preferably with octane booster or a splash of race fuel for heavy duty use (long lake pulls)


Comes with:

-TD max pump 17psi ECU reflash

-TD muffler (YOUR choice of 3 different mufflers)

-Dalton clutch weights


Taller gears are highly recommended with this map especially for guys who like high MPH top speed.


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