TD Stage 6 Racing Kit list for the stock 998 turbocharger competition use

TD Stage 6 Racing Kit list:

1-TD Multimap ECU reflash
2-TD Flasher or Copitrail (allows flashing of ecu tuning and datalogging if equipped with option)
3-WG locker OR TD wastegate Upgrade to increase Maximum boost the stock turbo can produce
4-Map sensor upgrade (4 bar) (allows ECU Reading above 17 psi of boost)
6-TD wideband o2 Kit (needed for Closed loop operation, it reads air fuel ratio)
7-TurboSmart Blow off valve
8-Fuel pump upgrade
9-Adjustable fuel regulator upgrade
10-TD ram air or Gap Ram air (gap ram air more power for race sleds
11- STM clutch weights, or preferrably a billet primary clutch like Tapp or STM
12-Torsion conversion kit or STM secondary clutch
13-TD stage 6 camshafts springs and retainers and manual chain tensioner
14-Big 4 wheel kit. This is safety thing, the extra power will for sure not work with only the factory two plastic wheels in the back.
15-we strongly recommend our HD head gasket with HD head studs if you plan to max out boost on your stage 6 (which you will if racing high level)
16-Datalogging option for the TD flasher or Copitrail

recommended upgrades:
1- TD Super cooler kit:
Improves HP greatly and also a much more consistent performance and Pull that never stops (cooler intake temps and less knock)
2-TD header
more power than stock manifold
3-Antilag if you plan to Drag race this is pretty much mandatory. This improves power off the line
4-Closed Loop (keeps sled running optimal air fuel for better economy, better power consistent performance and improved response.