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Upgrade ECU reflash from TD Stage 1 Ecotrail to TD Stage 2 Powertrail

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Upgrade ECU reflash from TD Stage 1 Ecotrail to TD Stage 2 Powertrail for 2017 to 2020 + Sidewinder SRX Thundercat Zr9000 

Ecotrail to Powertrail ECU reflash upgrade

Upgrade for existing TD ecu reflash customers (Ecotrail) upgrading to Powertrail mapping.


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    on tuchabull !!

    Posted by JAMES MARC CANTLIN on 16th Jan 2017

    give this a 10 star this thing runs better then great 542 miles of high performance trail riding in the up of Michigan with 7 other sleds that are throttle junkies and range for 800 to 1200 ski doo and a apex and a stock sidewinder and the 800 was modified these guys all said my sled is bad ass they would be at WOT the sidewinder would be just coursing hit the gas and they said I was out of site I ran the 800 mod and was not even a race he said I was out of site before he even hit 70 mph and the other sidewinder was stock and at the pumps would take $26 to full up and powertrail tune would take $ 22 to fill up nice thing if I don't want some one to stay with me hit the gas and I'm gone with no effort this thing rocks and 1700 miles with no issues and if you get off the powertrail sidewinder and get on the stock sidewinder you will want your powertrail sidewinder back there's no comparison and if you want to run smooth and take it easy it is very trail friendly and if you want to go your gone the only thing everyone else will see is snow dust I would recommend this to all cat and Yamaha riders you do this tune you will never want to ride a stock sidewinder again give this a 10 star !!!!!! THANKS FOR YOUR HARD WORK AND TESTING (TD)

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