V25 update and tune reflash for existing TD AC 1100 turbo ECU customers

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20.00$ CAD (Fixed Shipping Cost)
149.99$ CAD



V25 Update: Improvements are quicker spool up, slightly better fuel economy vs older versions, a few more HP on each program (except the race map is mostly unchanged).


Upgrage of already TD flashed ECU:

-This is also what we charge if you want to upgrade an already single tuned ECU towards another single tune. (Ex: Upgrade from Ecotrail to Powertrail)

-This is also what we charge for you to get a reflash of your ECU if you would want to change the tunes options from your already flashed 3 Stages + Antilag or 4 stages.


Want to know what's on your newly bought 1100 ECU? Purchase this upgrade:

-You will then receive an email with instructions to send in your ECU, we will read it for you and give you a phone call.  If you want to keep the tunes in it as is, we will ship back your ECU and refund the upgrade to you.  If you want to change it, we will charge you accordingly.


Instructions: Please state in the order comment section the kind of changes you want us to flash your ECU with.


Shipping will be credited for TD dealers not needing a shipping service.

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1 Review

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    Posted by MARK NOWAK on 7th Mar 2021

    Thank-you so much for all your help and the updates and parts you have sold me everything works perfect and i am very pleased my snowmobile is a monster and i look forward to do more business with turbo dynamics in the future . Thank-you again Mark Nowak ps. just waiting on my 2.5 turbo down pipe to arrive i

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